Web site design and creation

Veggielicious, a vegetarian food restaurant, was looking to grow its clientele while also providing an easy way for customers to make reservations.

They wanted to reflect a fresh style on their website, just like their ingredients, and a modern style that embodies the vegetarian lifestyle.

Inspired by the color green, which is quickly associated with nature, the website has a fresh personality that conveys tranquility and calmness. Green is a color commonly found in fresh vegetables, just like the ingredients used in Veggielicious. On the other hand, the color orange conveys enthusiasm and energy, much like a delicious dish can energize and excite those who have the pleasure of eating it.

As for typography, Poppins and Pacifico were used. Poppins, belonging to the Sans Serif family, stands out for its modern personality, which perfectly reflects the modern identity of this website. Pacifico, a script font, not only helped create contrast in the design with Poppins, but also has a fresh personality as it was inspired by the cool and cheerful waves of the sea.